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Cooks Coaches – The Story of a Sussex Village Operator.

The beginnings of this Sussex based coach operator, founded by Mr Jack Cook, can be traced back to the years just after the end of the Second World War. Its story is not uncommon of many businesses that were either starting out or re-starting again in this early post war period.

Mr Cook had purchased Cripps Corner Garage in 1946 but not long after ventured into the world of coaches.

In 1956 he decided to sell the coach business to his young daughter Jean and her husband Wilf but what would now make this story somewhat different to many others across the country was that Jean drove the coaches too, a sight virtually unheard of or seen in 1950’s Britain. Allow this book to take you back to a time to tell the story of how a young and hardworking couple made their way in life and in business .

With 148 pages, fully illustrated with both black and white and colour photographs, the history of Cooks Coaches is also complimented by a full fleet list and is priced at just £15.00 plus £3.50 postage and packaging.